Finally, I found some time to fix the problems you reported to me and I hope that everything works fine up to now!

This is new from today:

  • Level values are now displayed correctly (they were mixed up since the Shadowbringer classes have been implemented on the Lodestone)
  • Gunblade is now visible in profile #1
  • Dancer is now visible in profile #1
  • Blue mage is now visible in profile #1
  • The formatting problem with the server/data center value has been fixed.

Since we have over 3600 profiles now (thank you so much for that!), I had to rebuild the generator schedule. That means another news:

  • Profiles are now rebuilt on a daily basis.

But I think I need to re-adjust that as well in some time.

Thank you for using my FFXIV profile generator and for reporting the bugs.

Have a nice Christmas time and see you next year 🙂