FFXIV Profile Generator Blog

Spriggan and Twintania servers now selectable

The first little step in the big update lying ahead: You can now generate character profiles from the Spriggan and Twintania servers!

Problems with class levels

It seems there are currently occurring problems with the level values on some profile types. We are investigating this issue and update as soon as possible!

Version 1.5

Version 1.5 released! Profile type 1 is now smaller (less empty spaces) If a class is >= level 30 and there is a job available for that class, the job icon will be…

Profile / E-Mail

English: If you create a profile of your FFXIV character, you could enter your e-mail address. This would have the following advantages: As soon as we release the profile manager in 2018, you…

Update 1.2.2

Generator statistics bugfix

Update 1.2.1

Backend updates, language updates, bug fixes

Update 1.2

This blog is now available for everyone. You can find it on the FFXIV Profile Generator Homepage.

Update 1.1

Names with too many characters had the problem that “Firstname Lastname @ Servername” was too long for the profile Image. As of now, the server name will be printed in a smaller font…

Update 1.0.1

It is now possible to create up to 5 profiles per day.

Release Version 1.0

Today – at 09/06/2017 – the Final Fantasy XIV Profile Generator goes online! There are currently three different profile types available for you: